Virtual Office Plan

Terms of Service

Virtual Office Plan: Associate Member shall pay a monthly fee as selected at the time of execution of this Agreement to include:

  • Sixteen (16) Hours of Day Office or Conference Room Usage
  • Business Mailing Address and Mailbox
  • Local Business Telephone Number with Voicemail

TERM: The term of this Agreement shall be month-to-month commencing on the 1st day of the month following your sign up (the “Commencement Date”). Prorated charges will apply for early commencement. Services as provided in the Agreement are not transferrable or assignable to another party without express written consent of the Landlord.

CANCELLING THIS AGREEMENT: This Agreement may be cancelled at any time with thirty (30) days advance written notice by either party. Any portion of a month shall constitute an entire month of obligation and there shall be no prorations thereof. The agreement shall end on the last day of the month in which the thirty (30) day notice period expires. (EXAMPLE: If cancellation notice is submitted on February 6th, the Agreement shall end as of March 31st.)

PAYMENT:  All fees are due and payable in U.S. funds and will be charged to the Associate Member’s credit card on the first business day of the month. Fees not able to be charged to the credit card (over limit, expired card, or other reason) will be subject to a 5% late fee and may result in an interruption of service. Should services be interrupted, a reinstatement fee must be paid prior to service restoration. Accounts delinquent by thirty (30) days will result in automatic cancellation without notice. The plan monthly fee is subject to change with a thirty (30) day advance written notice. 

CREDIT CARD REQUIREMENT:  Credit card, in name of applicant, is required to become an Associate Member. If credit card becomes invalid during the term of this Agreement, and a valid credit card is not provided, this Agreement may be cancelled immediately.

SETUP FEE:  A one-time Setup Fee of ninety-nine and 00/100 ($99.00) dollars is required upon execution of this Agreement. Additional setup/installation charges may apply if Associate Member elects to add optional plan additions.

SERVICE RETAINER:  Upon execution of this Agreement, Associate Member shall deposit with Landlord an amount equal to one (1) month’s fixed monthly charges in U.S. funds (the “Service Retainer”). Associate Member may not apply the Service Retainer to the final payment of this Agreement. Landlord may apply Service Retainer to unpaid charges or damages of Associate Member. If Associate Member fully complies with this Agreement, the Service Retainer will be returned to Associate Member without interest after the termination of this Agreement, the return of all keys, and Associate Member’s settlement of their account in full. 

ANNUAL ESCALATION: Provided Associate is not in default of this agreement and upon the anniversary of the Commencement Date set forth herein, the Virtual Office Plan monthly fee shall increase by three (3%) percent.  

NOTICES:  All formal notices to Associate Member or Landlord shall be in writing sent via U.S. Postal Service or courier service. Notices to Landlord shall be sent to: 39209 Six Mile Road, Suite 111, Livonia, Michigan 48152. Notices to Associate Member shall be sent to the address listed above as Associate Member’s current address. It is Associate Member’s responsibility to provide Landlord with an updated address of record. 

FULFILLMENT:  Upon expiration, cancellation or termination date, Associate Member will return all keys and provide a forwarding address and telephone number. Associate shall pay Twenty-Five and 00/100 ($25.00) dollars for each key not returned.  

PROMOTIONS, DISCOUNTS AND INCENTIVES: If Associate Member benefitted from a special promotion, discount or incentive, Associate Member is required to continue their agreement for a minimum of six (6) months. If Associate Member cancels this Agreement without fulfilling the minimum six (6) month term, the Associate Member will be required to pay an amount equal to the total value of the special promotion, discount or incentive. This charge will be assessed on Associate Member’s final invoice.


  • Associate Members shall abide by the Rules and Regulations as set forth by the Landlord and hereby made a part of this Agreement.  Violation of Rules and Regulations may result in immediate cancellation.
  • Telephone number, voicemail and mail handling service included with the Virtual Office Plan is for one (1) company name, and for one (1) individual from that company. 
  • Day office and/or conference room hours and other services included in the plan may not be applied to previous or subsequent months. No credit will be given for any unused services included in the plan.
  • Subject to availability, day offices and/or conference rooms shall be scheduled at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance, but no more than three (3) months in advance. The minimum reservation is one (1) hour, billed in thirty (30) minute increments thereafter. A 24-hour notice must be given to cancel office and/or conference room reservations or charges will apply for hours scheduled.  A conference room may be substituted for an office or an office for conference room if one or the other is not available or at the centers discretion. After-hours and weekend access is permitted at the Landlord’s discretion, and may be declined without change to the monthly rate. Day office and conference room availability varies by location and scheduling use is on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to availability. 
  • Additional business services are available on an as-needed basis and are billed in addition to the plan’s monthly fee. Business services or associated fees are subject to change with a thirty (30) day advance written notice to the client. Any services beyond the above plan will be billed according to the business services sheet.
  • Associate Member acknowledges that upon cancellation of this Agreement, the U. S. Postal Service will not accept a “Change of Address” request for any AmeriCenter Virtual Office Plan client. Upon the successful conclusion of this Agreement, AmeriCenters will forward mail for thirty (30) days at Associate Member’s expense. Thereafter, mail will be returned to sender. Any violation of U. S. Postal Service laws or regulations may result in immediate termination of services by AmeriCenters.
  • Associate Member waives their rights to trial by jury of any action at law or equity brought by either Owner against Associate Member, or Associate Member against Owner or Owner agents or employees, arising out of, or in any way connected to, this Virtual Office Plan Agreement, or Associate Member use of the building.  This waiver applies to any claim for bodily injury; loss of or damage to property, or the enforcement of any remedy under any law, statute or regulation.  This jury waiver is also made by Associate Member on behalf of any Associate Member agents, guests or invitees.  
  • If Landlord employs an attorney to collect any rents or other charges due hereunder by Associate Member or to enforce any of Associate Member’s covenants herein or to protect the interest of the Landlord hereunder, then, to the extent specifically permitted by statute, Associate Member agrees to pay a reasonable attorney’s fee and all expenses and costs incurred thereby.